Artist Statement

I. Personal Data

I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio. My email address is

II. Education

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IV. Artist Statement

My work is driven by both subject matter and a belief. Nature and environments where man lives with the land rather than dominates the land inspire me. My life-long love of forests, lakes, rivers and rural landscapes provide me with ample material to create art.

I believe that our memories define who we are to ourselves. Memories are both fallible and malleable. Like memories my photographs are not documentary - they are my impressions of the moments they depict. For me, photography is a satisfying blend of creativity, intellectual challenge, and craftsmanship in the service of creating my memories of these environments.

My camera is my paintbrush. It is the tool that paints the scene. My computer contains my paints - I use them to set the tone, the color, and the contrast of my art. With these tools I create my memories of moments of serene beauty and then preserve them with archival materials.